The Chill Pill for
Travel Professionals

Baltic Vitalis is a Destination Management Company and tour operator based in the Baltic States: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Baltic Vitalis has been providing services to the tourism industry for more than 23 years and continues to expand by adding new markets as the interest in the Baltic Region continues to grow globally.

What is ultimate traveling therapy?

Nowadays few would disagree that travelling is the ultimate form of therapy. Travelling, as they say, heals the mind, body, and soul. Especially if your journey is professionally pre-planned, so that you can enjoy the wonderful sights and experiences without a worry in the world.

What we often fail to recognize, however, is the hard and stressful work put in by the travel industry professionals who are the wizards behind the miracle of effortless travelling. Tour operators and travel agents have one of the most demanding jobs in the world: if anything goes wrong, they are the ones taking the heat. So how do we make their life easier? How can we bring therapy to the people prescribing the therapy?

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The Healers Who Heal the Healers
B2B destination management company

“Baltic Vitalis” is a B2B destination management company offering first-class ground handling services in the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) and beyond (Scandinavia, Poland, Germany and Spain). Our clients are tour operators and wholesalers around the world seeking to introduce their customers to the magnificent secrets of Northern Europe.

Our business model is focused on your well-being

At “Baltic Vitalis”, our entire business model is focused on eliminating stress, and bringing therapeutic value for our business partners in Europe, North America, and Asia: we make the product, you make the sale, and we do the rest while you rest in complete harmony! Heck, we’ll even send you a pair of pyjamas! So you see, Baltic Vitalis isn’t just another DMC, it’s a true therapeutic solution for travel professionals.

Every time you do business with “Baltic Vitalis”, it’s like taking a chill pill.

Our rich experience and great organizational skills make us your go-to option for Baltoscandian destinations. We offer polished packages of accommodation, transport, guided tours and outstanding restaurants.

If there’s one region in the world that embodies peace of mind, it’s the Baltic region.

Depending on the needs of your customers, you can choose between a variety of traveling concepts including classic tours, cultural and shopping, amber trip, photo tour, gourmet and style, national parks, adventure tours, pre-wedding tours, SPA and health, religious pilgrimage, cinema tours.