Kristina Šimkevičiūtė
Our clients often refer to Kristina as the queen of the Baltic countries. She is managing key accounts in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the rest of the world. A leader of our team, Kristina is beloved by both clients and team-members. Highly experienced and fluent in multiple European languages, she is one of the top industry professionals in the region. All of our team speaks very highly of her role as an emotional leader who knows how to motivate people and manage tough situations.
Vytautas Kastanauskas
Managing Partner
If there’s one metaphor that captures his role in the company, it would be that of a Swiss army knife. Vytautas does everything from managing partnerships with travel agencies and overseeing the daily activities of account managers to strengthening the Baltic Vitalis brand. Co-workers describe Vytautas as a calming force: if he’s doing so much and remains as calm as a Buddhist monk, why should the rest of us lose our peace of mind?
Renata Severjanova
Head of International Market
How can we describe Renata? She’s a superhero, a mixture of Wonder Woman, Catwoman and Buffy Summers the Vampire Slayer. She is the most experienced, organized, number-savvy and detail-attentive member of our team. Some of our best tours are Renata’s brainchilds. Fluent in English, Russian and Polish and familiar with German, Italian and Chinese, Renata works 24/7 and does everything from managing projects and developing tours to training new employees and welcoming tourist groups. Her no-nonsense approach to managing projects prevents mistakes and gives our clients the peace of mind that they crave.
Kamilė Mitrikaitė
Japanese Department Manager
Kamilė is an expert in Japanese culture and a fluent Japanese speaker. Her extensive knowledge of the Baltics as a travel destination and her deep familiarity with the Japanese worldview make her indispensable when it comes to working with Japanese travel agencies. In the summer of 2019, Kamilė completed her Master thesis on Japanese culture and tourists. Kamile’s co-workers are humbled and impressed by her academic achievements and her burning passions for all things Japanese.
Svetlana Nenortaitė
Operations Manager
As Italians say, Donna buona – vale una corona (a good woman is worth a crown). This certainly holds true for Svetlana, our key person for managing our Italian B2B partnerships. Not only is she perfectly fluent in Italian, Svetlana is very imaginative when it comes to developing innovative programmes for our tours across the Baltic countries. According to Kristina, the company’s CEO, “not only does Svetlana speak Italian, she knows their culture and the way they like to be talked with”.
Deividas Preišegalavičius
Operations Manager
Deividas is probably the deepest and most creative member of the team. Not only is he a top destination manager, Deividas is also a serious literary writer who has recently published a poetry book. Having lived in Germany and perfectly fluent in this language, he is responsible for managing German speaking clients. One of his outstanding skills is fact-finding. While the rest of the team are still discussing, Deividas is already on the phone with the people in the know.