Relaxed Travel Agent

A relaxed travel agent is a clever travel agent. What you need from your DMC partner are standard and time-tested travel programmes that are profitable, easy-to-manage and stress free.

That’s what you get with our classic tour of the Baltic States. This tour includes everything that your mainstream customers may possibly expect from the Baltics: 7-to-8 days of discoveries, serenity, and joy from Vilnius to Riga and all the way to Tallinn.

At Baltic Vitalis, we have organized and overseen this tour hundreds of times. This means that it’s a bullet-proof choice for you as a travel agent seeking to maximize your profit and reduce your stress levels. You just make the sale, and we do the rest, while you relax in complete harmony. Take a midday nap, go for a glass of wine, or turn on your Play Station. With “Relaxed Travel Agent” package, you have nothing to worry about.

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Baltic Highlights Riga - Riga 2024

Arriving to and departure from Riga – it is very easy. We will take care of everything else. An eight-day tour of the Baltic States visiting capitals: Riga, Vilnius and Tallin, national parks, Curonian Spit, museums and castles.

National Parks 2024

A ten-day travel program to the most beautiful corners of nature in the Baltic States. During this program, in addition to city tours in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Riga and Tallinn, travelers will visit and see Trakai lakes, The National park of Curonian Spit, Gauja National Park, Tartu, Lahemaa National Park.

The highlight of this trip is the beauty of the natural and unique nature of the Baltic States.

Family Trip 2024

This is something that is interesting for parents and enjoyable for children. During the trip you will visit museums, enjoy the nature of national parks, watch wildlife.

Baltic Capitals and Helsinki 2024

A nine-day trip around the capitals and major cities of the Baltic States and Finland. You will visit the most famous castles, travel on the favorite roads of tourists, stay in famous hotels. Enjoy a time-tested tour with no room for any surprises.

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