Contrarian Travel Agent

Contrarian travel agents look for opportunities outside standard touristic packages. They realize that authenticity-seeking tourists will pay a larger premium for unique thematic tours. When talking to their DMC partners in different countries, they first want to hear about alternative ways of experiencing those countries.

Baltic Vitalis has plenty offer to contrarian travel agents. Your tourists will enjoy experiencing the Baltic countries through our Culinary Tours, Photo Tours, Cinema Tours, and Adventure Tours.

Compared to standard tours, thematic tours demand much greater managerial and organizational skills on the part of the DMC company. And that’s what we deliver as we take excellent care of your tourist-customers during their stay in the Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. A contrarian travel agent needs to have some chill-time occasionally, and that’s what you’ll get by partnering with Baltic Vitalis.

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Liberating a Continent – Baltic Way 2024

The Baltic Way was a peaceful political demonstration which took place on 23 August 1989 when approximately two million people joined their hands forming a 600 km long human chain through the Baltic countries, thus demonstrating their unity in their efforts towards freedom.

It’s hard to believe that a journey on a route where people stood hand in hand in a continuous chain in 1989 can take seven days – which is really exciting.

Cold War Tour 2024

It is an eight-day travel program around the Baltic States to get acquainted with perhaps the darkest period in the history of the Baltic States, when we had to live behind the Iron Curtain of the USSR.

These trips from Vilnius to Riga and then to Tallinn will visit museums and objects reminiscent of the Cold War: KGB Museum in Vilnius and Tallinn, Grūtas Park, Ligatne Bunker with meals in the canteen of Soviet style.

Photo Tour 2024

This is a tour for photography and photographers that we recommend looking through the camera lens. During this tour, travelers will visit the most photographic places in the Baltic States, starting with the old urban architecture, street art and ending with nature untouched by human hands.

Culinary Tour 2024

During this trip, travelers will taste, taste, taste …. and taste again.

Hiking tour Lithuania – Anyksciai 2024

This path goes thought naturally formed and human planted forest and reaches the swamp, with a specific swamp type plants. The nature of the path is always changing and this makes this path unique.

Hiking tour Lithuania – Vilnius & Plunge 2024

Experience local‘s life by travelling with train, Stimulating taste buds at kibinai degustation in Trakai, Get to know about Cold War and missiles in a soviet military base, Fill your lungs with refreshing air of well-known Žemaitija National Park during this tour.

Adventure Tour 2024

Canoeing in the Helsinki Archipelago, adventurous descent on a summer bobsleigh track, a boat trip on the Daugava River, archery and even more active entertainments can be experienced on this tour.

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