Haut Monde’s Travel Agent

Why work a lot with low profitably if you can work less with high profitability? That’s how elite travel agents think. It’s not easy to become a haut monde’s travel agent, however, because one has to earn the trust of elite tourists, and that is no small feat. But if you do, your life quality as a travel professional (and your margins) can skyrocket quickly.

The high society’s travel agent is very demanding when it comes to tour programmes from local DMC’s. We get that. At Baltic Vitalis, we are ready for this. Our Luxury Baltic Tour allows the members of the high society to get acquainted with the Baltic countries in the exclusive and luxurious way they are accustomed to. The tour features high-end hotels, restaurants, and means of transportation.

We know how sensitive you are about handing your VIP customers over to our supervision. Rest assured, however, that luxury travelling is our expertise. So, don’t worry, leave everything to us, and go enjoy your favourite champagne with caviar.

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Art Tour 2024

The culture of the Baltic States imprints a special character in every artistic manifestation. In Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, from Europe’s Park near Vilnius to the Kumu contemporary museum in Tallinn, art manifests in the most diverse ways from one point to another in the Baltic.

In recent years the demand for more tours oriented to artists and arts connoisseurs motivated us to produce a program that would capture the essence, the shapes and qualities of local expression and how they manifest in this region.

Even more important that art contemplation is art participation. Experiencing art from the artist’s perspective and adding some of your own inspiration to the mix is a very rewarding experience you will gain during this journey.

Romantic holiday in the Baltic States 2024

With spring approaching, romantic feelings awaken along with nature, when it seems like you want to talk about love and escape in two. And what could be better than in encouraged by such feelings to embark on an exciting journey that will not only take away the dust of everyday worries, but also strengthen the newly established relationship or allow them to know their loved one again?

Luxurious vacation in the Baltic States 2024

A trip to the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania is to get to know a world that for years was forbidden in the eyes of many. That being said, curious luxury-lovers are more than welcome into our Baltic region! Not only we are able to offer highest class 5* hotels, but we can  also provide a list of numerous gourmet restaurants and activities according to your wishes. Our region is famous for unique travel experiences where only we – insiders are well aware about.

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