Haut Monde’s Travel Agent

Why work a lot with low profitably if you can work less with high profitability? That’s how elite travel agents think. It’s not easy to become a haut monde’s travel agent, however, because one has to earn the trust of elite tourists, and that is no small feat. But if you do, your life quality as a travel professional (and your margins) can skyrocket quickly.

The high society’s travel agent is very demanding when it comes to tour programmes from local DMC’s. We get that. At Baltic Vitalis, we are ready for this. Our Luxury Baltic Tour allows the members of the high society to get acquainted with the Baltic countries in the exclusive and luxurious way they are accustomed to. The tour features high-end hotels, restaurants, and means of transportation.

We know how sensitive you are about handing your VIP customers over to our supervision. Rest assured, however, that luxury travelling is our expertise. So, don’t worry, leave everything to us, and go enjoy your favourite champagne with caviar.

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Luxurious Vacation In The Baltic States

Check out our travel program we prepared for you. We listed all destination and all services you need to get most of it.

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