Spiritual Travel Agent

Spiritual travel agents realize that what tourists seek most in their travels is a spiritual uplift. They target spiritual tourists and offer them unique pilgrimage tours. Therefore, what they want most from their DMC partners in different countries is experience and skill in organizing faith-based pilgrimage tours.

The Baltic countries are being discovered by Christians from around the world as the go-to destination for religious pilgrimage. With hundreds of outstanding churches of different architectural styles, with a rich Catholic-Protestant dynamic, and with the legendary Hill of Crosses which mesmerized pope John Paul II during his visit, the Baltic countries represent an excellent environment for spiritually thirsty pilgrims.

If you choose the “Spiritual Travel Agent” package and pass your pious tourists over to Baltic Vitalis, you can rest assured that they are in good hands. This is when you can have your own time for spiritual improvement. Go to a prayer house, take a meditation class, or wake up early to enjoy the rising sun. Baltic Vitalis has your back.

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Pilgrimage in Lithuania 2024

A six-day pilgrimage in Lithuania. Only one country and so much can be seen and visited there: Cathedral of St. Stanislav and St. Vladislav, St. Peter and Paul Church, Gate of Dawn Chapel and St. Teresa’s church, Pažaislis Monastery and much more.

In The Footsteps Of John Paul II 2024

This tour starts in Krakow. In nine days, the travelers will visit places that are closely linked to perhaps the most prominent representative of Roman Catholicism, Pope John Paul II.

During the trip, travelers visit churches, houses of prayer, monasteries, the hill of crosses. After a nine-day trip around Poland and Lithuania, departure from Vilnius.

Baltic Pilgrimage 2024

A nine-day pilgrimage to the Baltic States. During this tour, church monasteries and castles in Vilnius, Trakai, Kaunas, Riga, Tallinn and other smaller cities are visited, religious history is introduced, and the faith of these times is met.

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