Welcome to Scandinavia, land of legends, Vikings and Valhalla. A place in the world with a different point of view about the world.

This is a place with a vault containing every seed of every plant that ever existed, where bicycles and electric cars are mandatory, a place where the future is certainly coloured in green tones (blue if you are in Finland). A place where traditions and new technologies coexist in harmony because sustainability is a concept embed in the very nature of its people. You could say, this place is in many ways, the future.

Despite what most people think about the winter, Scandinavia enjoys delightful summers with plenty of warmth and sun with plenty of spaces to visit all over the Baltic Sea. Thousands of small islands spread all over the sea like little freckles, each one with its own identity.

On the continental side, capitals like Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen boast a modern vibrant style that cleary differs from other styles of cities such as New York or Los Angeles. Here, high tech engineering is hidden away from view. You can walk on 18th century streets that present neither snow nor ice under your feet thanks to a thermal system that maintain them at the right temperature during winter. As it seems, no expense is too high to stay comfortable.

Every city has plenty of food and drink to go around with a multiplicity of cafes, restaurants and terraces. Some Michelin stars are to be found as well. There is a place for every pocket and the quality of food is beyond world class.

Every tour to the Baltic should include at least a visit to one of the Scandinavian capitals. A place that forges lasting memories in style.

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